“Open up. It’s the only way”

I hear them plead.

“You know, some wounds when wrapped with plasters heal better. ” I remark.

Aquaman: the gods must be modern

I am fond of watching my entertainment from my pixel burnt laptop screen wrapped up in cozy covers with the lights off.
If I am to go to the cinema, it has to be 3D to make my troubles for a change worthwhile. I waited for the bustle to wind down about this much anticipated box office movie. A few self proclaimed critics on the stweets mumbled a few things here and there on poor acting, a terrible storyline, hysterical character etc.
So after nearly a month of it showing in the cinema, I booked a show on the morning of Monday sure to see some good action but mostly to see what the fuss was.

Side note: Dolby Atmos is indeed that futuristic sound innovation. An unforgettableĀ  experience for my eardrums.

By the end of the drama, I was pretty convinced that Aquaman, Mera, King Nereus and clique were just infact the Lubaales of the Waters just like our very own Mukasa.
The difference?
In order to make the gods lovable, they should have face, athletic bodies, be tech enthusiasts and have access to a very resourceful team of white rich people with ultra HD cameras.

Dear capaitalists, ‘Count in us sense’

A tattered blue black counter book
A bic pen with a chewed lid
A big and warm smile from the receptionist,
‘What’s the baby’s name? How old? What’sĀ  she suffering from?’
On goes the usual visit to the doctors room, followed by labs and finally the pharmacist.

‘You can pay to me. It’s 100.000shs.’
And so I did. Without looking at the blue manilla excuses for receipts.
She looked at me with curiosity and asked,
‘Are you the baby’s nanny?’ To which I replied, yes. Here goes the small talk, I thought to myself.
She went on to ask me her favorite food, which formula she’s on, blah blah blah while she scribbled.
All along answering these questions enthusiastically, the 4 is changed to 7.

Its 7pm now and NTV is going on and on about Bagyenda’s mischievous acts. I have the time to re-visit the receipts. Turns out the labs exclusively cost 70,000shs. I can see the volongoto clearly and my mind’s blown.

One nighters

The heat turned dry
I rocked left to right
Like a wilted banana leaf
Frail and worn out
He tore at his sheets and mumbled curses.

It felt like sand rubbing against two sweaty bodies.
Two strangers clutching onto the hope that they won’t see eye to eye when it’s over so however badly this goes, it’s a win win.

Unprecedented marriages

I’m celebrating a decade well spent with my pillow today.

Thankyou for keeping my melancholy a secret. And the dark thoughts that seem to now have webbed a home in my subconscious.
And for letting me bleed my heart out while you soak it all up.

Cheers babe!


I see you

. … and the girl Chestnut was married to a god. Except she did not know he was a god.

Every morning, he worshipped in his chambers. Chestnut would watch intensely as he grew sombre and in his eyes lay a stare so dull and blank it was almost as if he was dead.
One day, fascinated by the aura, Chestnut moved closer and knelt before him. With her hands touching his face, she saw her reflection in his eyes.
He blinked and the reflection became invisible. Then he blinked again and there were four of her and in awe, for the very first time, she knew she could be more.

The start


Angry sea

Space. Lots of space.

Bitter waves

Soft beach sand

Breathe. Again.



Keep afloat. Breathe. Keep breathing.



I got arrested today.
The cop said I was way too deep into my thoughts I forgot to indicate left.
“That is why you’re pressing charges? ”
“You look a lady who can make bail anyway.”
“Bail? That is absurd! ”

I saw birds flying high
Flying tree to tree
But the trees…
The trees stood so still.
Like they were certain of their existence.
And I wished you were too.
Then I wished I had flown when I realized you weren’t so.